About Dr. Robert Groves

At the forefront of Tele-ICU, a technology that allows for more 
intelligent care of patients through remote supervision, Dr. Robert 
Groves translates his insight into both administration and 
publication. He recently authored the chapter, “Intensive Care 
Telemedicine: Evaluating a Model for Proactive Remote Monitoring and 
Intervention in the Critical Care Setting” in the book Current 
Principles and Practices of Telemedicine and e-Health. Dr. Robert 
Groves' insight has also appeared in medical periodicals, including 
Clinics in Chest Medicine and American Journal of Respiratory and 
Critical Care Medicine. 

Committed to strengthening the practice of medicine in the 21st 
century, Dr. Robert Groves pursued a lengthy education prior to 
securing a series of post-doctoral opportunities and research 
positions. After acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from 
Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, Dr. Robert Groves gained 
acceptance into the Medical College of Georgia (Georgia Health 
Sciences University). After graduating and obtaining his medical 
license, Dr. Robert Groves completed an internship and residency in 
internal medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical 

During a subsequent fellowship in pulmonary and critical care medicine
at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Dr. Robert Groves 
completed two research initiatives, “Examining Variation in Length of 
Stay for Elective Bronchoscopy” and “Prospective Evaluation of Risk 
Factors and Outcome of Pulmonary Barotrauma in Mechanically Ventilated 

In the years that followed, Dr. Robert Groves served in a number of 
roles, among them physician at Greeley Medical Clinic, Medical 
Director of East Morgan County Hospital, and Medical Director of 
Bonnell Good Samaritan Center. Today, he offers a quarter-century of 
experience at Banner Health in Phoenix, Arizona, as System Medical 
Director of Critical Care and System Medical Director of Intensive 

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